Manufacturing Techniques

Welding techniques

  • The basic welding technique used in production of a steel structure is semi-automatic MAG welding method with the use of a gas shield of Ar+CO2 mixture. METAL-TRANS employs a large group of welders with the highest qualifications, tested during implementation of contracts for the power industry and the mining industry.
  • MAG welding method with the use of an automatic welding machine.
  • Techniques used additionally (welding of specific steel types):
    • TIG welding method
    • Arc welding with covered electrodes
  • Oxygen metal sheet cutting using the automatic machine NCE280 from the ESAB company (CNC).
  • Metal sheet cutting on a CNC laser burner from the TRUMPF company.

Mechanical working

The company has universal machinery, which enables execution of a wide range of mechanical working services. These include devices necessary in the process of steel structure production, as well as equipment used for machining:

  • Band saws for sections and pipes
  • Guillotine shears
  • Hole punching machines
  • Beveling machines
  • Rolling mill for metal sheets
  • Vertical and horizontal presses
  • Bending brakes L=3000, including with the CNC control system
  • Universal turning lathes
  • Boring-milling machines
  • Universal milling machines

Anti-corrosive protection of the structure

The company places great emphasis on proper cleaning of structures and professional execution of anti-corrosive protection. The means that allow to achieve that include:

  • Material blast cleaning (of sections and metal sheets) with a steel shot in a shot blasting machine GIETART.
  • Blast cleaning of a ready-made structure with copper slag (abrasive blasting grit) in a separate chamber.
  • Hydrodynamic painting with aggregates of Wagner, Adal and Wiwa type in a separate, heated paint shop.
  • Hot galvanizing in a nearby galvanizing plant (belonging to Seppeler Gruppe).

At a customer’s request we perform also painting (with proper sets of paints) of a structure that is previously hot galvanized.

During implementation of many contracts the quality of the anti-corrosive coating was confirmed by acceptances conducted by representatives of paint manufacturers and warranties granted.