Production Offer

Steel structures manufacturing plant

  • Production is organized in a hall of 5500 m2 equipped with 9 cranes with lifting capacity from 5 Mg to 20 Mg as well as necessary equipment, which guarantees complete execution of orders and with the required quality.
  • Production capacity: 250 ÷ 300 Mg/month (depending on the degree of labor intensity of a structure and the current level of employment).

Production profile

  • Industrial steel structures:
    • supporting structures,
    • trestles,
    • silos and accumulators,
    • tanks,
    • operating platforms,
    • balustrades,
    • truss masts.
  • Pipelines, air channels and smoke ducts.
  • Steel structures for general construction purposes: steel halls, umbrella roofs, load-bearing structures of buildings.
  • Structures for internal technological transport systems in the automotive industry.